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Thursday, 03 June 2010 10:13

Who am I ?

My full name is Seyyed Morteza Emami. I was born in a warm sunny day in Roodsar, Gilan, Iran in 1984. I'm grown up in Boushehr in a teachership family. My mother is a retired High-School teacher of English Language and my father is a University professor (Ph.D) of Educational Management.


My Educations ?

B.Sc of Aquaculture Engineering
M.Sc of Marine Biology
PhD of Marine Biology


My Life ?

I am joyful most of the time and usually laugh at simplest funny subjects I face! In fact my happy attitude is famous among family and friends. I've learned the joy of learning from my father. My old man is the best teacher I've ever had, he is not only the best dad, but has taught me to value time, to serve the society without any expectations but from God, to be the best and help others to be one. I fell in love with an angel named Sara in B.Sc classes and God blessed my life by joining us together. We have continued our study side-by-side ever since and it has been such an amazing experience.


My interests ?

My strongest subject is science. I am actually interested in Marine Sciences & Information Technology (IT). Studying on magnificent creatures of underwater world, latest green technologies and also recent hardware & software advancements takes most of my daily time.


Sports ?

I am Educator & Referee of Badminton. However I am interested in Ping Pong, Wushu Taolu and 8-ball.


Entertainment ?

Movies / Computer Games / Fishing


My abilities ?

Aquaculture / Landscape Architecture / Designing & Initiating Websites / 3D design

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